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Intelligent, Ultra Low Power Active RFID and Wireless Sensor Network Systems

Key Features:

  • 2.4Ghz proprietary protocol with 128bit AES encryption and interference proof wireless system
  • Reliable and extensive wireless coverage
  • Sophisticated nuRF View software providing real time data feed, alerts, reporting, query and search capabilities plus more
  • Ultra Low Power architecture with built-in sensors to activate deep sleep mode (power save) and to flag alerts
  • Customizable nuRF Rules and Triggers algorithms for flexible on-the-fly alert triggering configuration of nuRF Tag
  • Open integration with other 3rd party software, backend systems or technology platforms
  • Flexible connectivity options; Power over Ethernet (PoE), Ethernet, RS232 and USB
  • Plug and Play concept for ease of integration and commissioning

nuRF is a robust Active RFID and wireless sensor network platform with built-in intelligence and sensory capabilitities that allows real time tracking, monitoring and location triangulation of assets and personnels within a surveyed site.

Designed on secure and proprietary protocol, the nuRF system has two way communication capabilities from beyond 100 meters to any of its Asset or Personnel nuRF Tag. It provides optimal wireless coverage for organizations requiring real time visibility and traceability of its critical assets or personnels.

Operating with Ultra Low Power architecture, the nuRF Tag provides at least 5 years of life on a single coin battery, perfecting an almost maintenance free system to any organization.

Stakeholders can effortlessly monitor and aggregate real time information through the nuRF View application and the nuRF Mobile platform. Developed using commonly used programming technologies and latest real time visual interfaces, these application modules can easily be customized or integrated with other 3rd party software via its open APIs.

Complementing the streaming real time data, state-of-the-art nuRF Locate provides users with accurate location of assets and personnels, while its sophisticated smart nuRF Rules and Triggers flags tag status and policy breach.

Cost effective and easy to deploy, the nuRF system guarantees organizations higher visibility and status monitoring of its assets and personnels.

nuRF is modular and open for integration with other technology platforms such as:

  • Close Circuit Televisions (CCTV)
  • Biometrics Verification Systems
  • Access and Perimeter Control Systems
  • 3rd Party Software or Back-End Systems